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"I began having migraine headaches on a regular basis about 20 years ago. They have ruined my life. I have to lie down, do nothing, be left alone. I get a terrible nausea and weakness that comes along with the pain.

I had many visits to the Diamond Headache Clinic, several neurologists and spent thousands of dollars trying to feel better. I took a lot of different drugs but none of these therapies got rid of my headaches. As I got older, they kept getting worse and became more and more frequent. The doctors I saw had no answers.

Since becoming a patient at Florida Wellness I have not had a major or even a minor headache. Dr. Gatza discovered I had nerve problems in my neck, along with hormonal imbalance because my adrenal glands were wiped out. The treatments feel so good I couldn't wait to get to their clinic. Now, no more nausea. No more pain. Ahhh! And I haven't taken any prescription medication since starting here.

Thanks Dr. Gatza


"I had headaches, joint aches, stomach problems and mood swings. I suffered with these problems for many years. I was taking pain relievers as a normal part of my everyday life, and I took stomach medication several times per week.

I've seen general practitioners (doctors), but they could never help me feel better. I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on doctors and medicines.

I've been under Dr. Gatza's care for the past 2 months. I feel great! No more headaches, no more stomach problems, no aches and pains, no mood swings, and I've lost the weight I wanted to lose as a side benefit. All, with literally NO EFFORT!

I've learned that you do not have to accept living in poor health - DO NOT ACCEPT IT!!! Dr. Gatza will help you like he helped me.


"Severe headaches, throbbing gums, tiredness, sore all over, stiff neck and shoulders. I saw a neurologist and several general practitioners. I had CAT scans, neurological testing, etc. The cost was a lot. But no results.

I started at Florida Wellness and I feel better than I felt in two and half years. I have a lot more energy and I feel happier. I have not had a headache in a month and a half. I also have had people tell me I look a lot better, which is a perk.

I think this natural approach will put regular doctors out of business.


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