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Diabetes type II is a breakdown of several systems in your body. Therefore your ability to control blood sugar levels if negatively affected, and many people need to take medication or insulin in order to control their sugar. With our wellness approach, our diabetic patients continue to work with their medical doctors while working with us. We do not take you off of your medications or influence you in any way in that regard. Your medications and their dosages are determined and controlled by your medical doctor. As you go through our program, and we help you restore the function to three vital areas related to why your blood sugar is high. Many patients find that their blood sugar starts to come down, in some cases way down. When this occurs you maintain good communication with your medical doctor and often times they will instruct you to reduce or even eliminate your medications for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. As our patients continue along on their wellness program, their systems work better and better, and their sugar becomes more and more stable within the normal range. This is the most wonderful part of our job, seeing people get their lives back.

Type II Diabetes is a relentless disease that won't just go away because you wish it would. Many patients conditions continue to worsen even while taking their medications. Unfortunately, the disease attacks the eyes, kidneys, legs & feet, as well as the heart and blood circulation. Many of these conditions are made worse by the side effects of drugs and thus it is sort of a vicious downward spiral. The best way to turn this around is to start our program as soon as you can, and before it's too late. Most of our patients love our program and have a great time turning their lives around. It's not uncommon for our patients to tell us that their medical doctor hugged them because they were so happy they got their sugar into normal range again and no longer need the medications. What a wonderful thing.

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Marion – 66 years old

My sugar was as high as 900. A1C over 11. At one point, I lost my eyesight. I was terrified I was going to die. I have been on Metformin, Glyburide and Insulin for a long time. These did not work so well, and my BP was a big mess.

I have been a patient of Dr. Julie’s for 1 month as of today. After only two weeks my A1C came down to 9.0. As of Thur, my blood sugar is 121. I truly can’t believe it. I haven’t seen numbers like this in god knows how long. My neuropathy is GONE 100%! My neck pain is gone, and I can turn my neck. I’m sleeping through the night for the first time in a very long time, and I feel good and alive. I have cut my insulin in half and don’t need the drugs any more. Thank you Dr. Gatza and wonderful staff

Elsie – 85 years old

I had blood sugar average of 185 and terrible Sciatic pain. I was taking Glyburide, Januvia, Digoxin, Furosemide and 7 other drugs. I’ve been a patient of Florida Wellness Institute's for 8 weeks. My blood sugar now ranges from 97 to 112, and I haven’t taken any medication in 6 weeks. My sciatica is almost gone too. My doctor thinks this is a miracle.

A month more has gone by. I Went to my M.D. yesterday. He tested my sugar, which was 111, and my A1C, which was 5.9. My M.D. was shocked, and so elated that he walked across the room and gave me a huge hug and THEN TOLD ME YOU ARE NO LONGER A DIABETIC!. Also, the neuropathy in my feet is much better, and I’m walking pain free without aids for the first time in many years.

Melvin – 79 years old

My blood sugar was as high as 450. I didn’t want to die from diabetes. I required Metformin and Glypiside. Since becoming Dr. Jimmy’s patient, my sugar averages 88-109. In fact, on Monday, the medicine made it go all the way down to 58, twice. I met with my M.D. and he took me off Glypiside and some of my Metformin. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I have so much energy. Last weekend I took my wife out dancing – TWICE!

Larry – Age 63

I’ve been a patient at Gatza for 7 weeks. My blood sugar was 240 and my A1C was 8.0. I had digestive troubles, fatigue, headaches, insomnia and high blood pressure. Now, my symptoms are gone, I feel great and my sugar is stable between 98 – 105. And that is WITHOUT taking my insulin. When going to my medical doctor, he said “Wow! You aren’t a Diabetic anymore!” It’s like a miracle.

Anita – Age 72

My first visit to Florida Wellness was two months ago. My sugar was at 130 with taking Metformin. A1C was around 7. I also needed HBP medication, and my digestion was a mess. As of yesterday, two months later, my M.D. tested me. Blood Sugar 95, A1C 5.9. She cut all my medications in half and gave me a HUGE HUG. I can’t believe how elated my doctor was. My digestion has been perfect for 5 weeks and my BP is totally normal. I’m doing the things I want to do now. Thank you Dr. Gatza and staff.

Nancy – Age 60

I started with Dr. Julie April, 2014. My sugar was as high as 473. I was very scared I was going to die. My eyes were going fast and I was worried I was going to lose my vision. My A1C was very high, over 10. Plus I have an Autoimmune disease that the doctors say is even worse than my diabetes. It puts a Raccoon Rash all around my eyes and forehead.

Well, it’s only been 1 month and I can’t believe it. My sugar the last 16 days have been 91, 94, 92, 97, 92, 105, 91, 95, 101, 91, 87, 91, 99, 98, 94, 98. And that is with ZERO medication. My rash is GONE! My eyes are fine. My energy is way up and the most valuable thing is that the huge worry I have lived for years is starting to go away. I am hopeful for the future now. Thanks so much to both Dr. Gatza's and Angela for helping me get my life back. My husband is so happy!

Ken – Age 77

I’ve been diabetic for 35 years. Sugar 240. A1C 8.5. With EIGHTEEN daily medications. EIGHTEEN! I had terrible neuropathy and I WAS SURE I WAS GOING TO DIE SOON. I have been a patient at Gatza for 6 weeks, and as of yesterday, my M.D. took me off my water pill, my kidney pill, my cholesterol pill, my HBP pills, my asthma ventilators (as needed). And, believe it or not, my M.D. Can’t believe that I am not needing to take my insulin without it causing my sugar to go too low. My sugar is stably below 100 now. It is a miracle. My wife was so worried she cried every day. Now, we are having a blast in life again. Thanks docs

Glenn – 64

My blood pressure was 190/110. My wife and I were very worried. That was with medication. Wasn’t working. I’ve done the Gatza program and it’s 128/79 this morning. And I haven’t taken the medication in 2 months.

Barbara – 78

My blood sugar ranged in the 180s, while taking 20 units of insulin twice a day. After 1 month with Dr. Julie, my sugar is ranging from 95-110. I went from 20 units to 18, to 15, to NONE. Wow!

Carolyn - 61 When I started my sugar was at 420. I’m a nurse and my doctor wanted me on insulin. Dr. Gatza agreed, and he told me I had to follow my M.D.s advise, especially because he was right. However, I wanted to try the natural method first. After 4 weeks at the Gatza Center my sugar is down to 158. Still no insulin. I’m so grateful.

Bernard – 76

My sugar is down to 101 from 220, and I’m off my medication. Miracle doctors. John – 78 My average sugar was about 200. That’s with insulin and taking metformin 5 times per day. Now, I’m off my insulin every other day, and I’m off the metformin. My sugar ranges from 88 – 105.

John – 78 (A different one, same age.)

My blood sugar averaged 180 fasting and higher two hours after eating. I have neuropathy in my feet and numbness in my right four fingers from an accident 40 years ago. I rely on Glyburide to keep my sugar from skyrocketing.

I’ve been a patient at Gatza for 3 weeks and things have changed fast. My sugar went to 124 fasting / 87 two hours after eating in one week. Then to 108 fasting / 89 two hours after eating in the second week. Last week, 96 fasting / 95 two hours after eating. This week, 84 fasting / 79 two hours after eating. Dr. Gatza told me I need to meet with my M.D. and discuss lowering my medication because now it’s making my sugar go too low. I will be off my medication soon I think.

Glenyce – age 73

I was very concerned about my blood sugar. It was 328. I had gas and bloating so bad that I felt horrible regularly. I had right hip/kidney pain that I could not live with. My general practitioner and internist just told me its part of life and that they’d monitor it. That was upsetting to me. I realized I needed to find someone else to help – didn’t know who, until I met Dr. Julie at one of their lectures. Since becoming one of Dr. Julie’s and Dr. Jimmy’s patient, my glucose level is now down to an average or 84 - 104! My hump is gone from my upper back. My acid Reflux is gone and I haven’t had it since! I think that is amazing! My gas and bloating is gone.

Additonally, I’ve lost 33lbs since starting Dr. Gatza’s program. People didn’t even recognize me when I went back home! It was an amazing transformation. When I shopped for clothes I didn’t even know what size I was. I started at a size 10, it was too big. 8 was too big, then I tried on a 6 and IT WORKED! Wow! This has been an amazing experience. You don’t have to wait. The doctors are always positive and supportive. Our medical system is the pits! Thank you Drs.